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CBO launches The Edge – 33m Communications Skid

The Edge – 33m Communications Skid is designed and manufactured in Queensland by CBO after the company found a lack of suitable apparatus for organisations who need a standalone communications platform for temporary and short term projects where the cost of building fixed infrastructure is prohibitive for the often short time required on site.

The Edge – 33m Communications Skid features an Integrated Tower Systems (ITS) telescopic tri-truss tower mast that is erected by hydraulic ram then raised to its full height by a 240V electric operation and when fully deployed the mast is 33m (100 feet). The mast is mounted onto a CBO designed and made galvanised steel beam Skid platform that has been built to withstand the toughest Australian environments and requires minimal maintenance.

Says Mark McGregor, Managing Director CBO Telecommunications “The Edge – 33m Communications Skid is a valuable asset particularly for oil and gas, construction and exploration companies as it can be used across multiple projects as no excavation works are required for installation and relocation so when a project finishes the Skid can be moved via tilt tray to the next site that it is required at. All you need is a semi-flat surface for the platform to be placed on.”

The telescopic tri-truss mast on The Edge – 33m Communications Skid can fit multiple pieces of hardware from communications equipment such as microwave links, Tetra or P25 radio equipment to cameras and sirens. “It provides a flexible solution that you can tailor to your specific site communications needs” says Mark McGregor.

The Edge – 33m Communications Skid has been designed to fit within road legal dimensions which negate any issues with oversize loads and escort vehicles as all required items for deployment are able to be stowed.

In June 2013, The Will-Burt Company, the world’s premier manufacturer of telescoping mast and tower elevation solutions, appointed CBO as an Australian distributor of Will-Burt products. As part of the agreement, CBO will distribute Will-Burt pneumatic and telescoping masts, ITS towers and GEROH mast systems. “Will-Burt is the market leader in mast and tower elevation solutions and like CBO’s The Edge Mobility Solutions they are designed and built to withstand extreme environments in industries such as oil and gas, defence and government. We are thrilled to be a distributor of Will-Burt in Australia and looking forward to representing the Will-Burt product family in Australia” Says Mark McGregor.

Jeffrey O. Evans, President, CEO and Chairman of The Will-Burt Company states, “CBO is an important part of the Will-Burt worldwide distribution network strategy and has quickly proven capable of delivering the products and services that their market requires. CBO’s focus on delivering communications solutions in challenging environments is a natural fit for Will-Burt’s elevation solutions that have been designed and manufactured to perform flawlessly in a full range of environmental conditions from the desert conditions of the Middle East to the cold and ice of Antarctica. We fully expect our partnership to continue to flourish in the coming years.”


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