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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

The continued growth of CBO being a company of choice at the forefront of adapting innovative technologies to support business ready end to end connectivity solutions, while maximising value for our customers and clients.

Our mission or purpose is realised through a highly capable workforce committed to our company values.


Our Vision

To be Australia’s leading mobile communication platform company providing innovative solutions – Anyware to Everywhere.


Our Values

Safety is our priority

We always ensure that every safety precaution is taken to ensure our valued staff members return home safely.

We respect the community and environment

We respect the diverse communities and cultures that some of our projects take us to. We understand that we leave a footprint anywhere we go therefore strive to ensure the environment is a good one for future generations.

We seek ingenious solutions

We encourage our team members to continue to learn all they can about our industry. Therefore nurturing the imagination and creativity needed to find solutions for our clients.

We are open, honest and collaborative

We respect and support the diverse cultures of our team members, clients and vendors we deal with on a daily basis by practicing open and honest communication at all times.





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