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The Edge – Solar Mobility Trailer

The Edge Solar Mobility Trailer is a network extension trailer solution for circumstances when there is no power onsite. The Edge – Solar Mobility Trailer is a rapidly deployed unit that supports a wide range of network equipment including Mesh, Wi-Fi hotspot, point to point Microwave, point to multi point Microwave and CCTV.


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The Edge – VSAT Communications Trailer

The Edge – VSAT Communications Trailer is an integrated trailer solution that can provide immediate connectivity at an emergency site or other temporary sites such as exploration projects, roadside construction teams or event management and monitoring. This integrated trailer solution has an auto-acquire VSAT system which provides network access when there is no network infrastructure or power onsite and offers an economical solution when the cost of building permanent infrastructure is cost prohibitive. The auto-acquire VSAT system delivers an independent and secure wireless connection within minutes. The Edge – VSAT  Communications Trailer is powered by a smart switch generator which means that you don’t need to have power onsite and it is air-conditioned so it can operate in temperatures ranging from -3 to over 50 degrees.


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The Edge – 33m Communications Skid

The Edge – 33m Communications Skid features a telescopic tri-truss tower mast that is erected by hydraulic ram then raised to its full height by a 240V electric operation and when fully deployed the mast is 33m (100 feet). The mast is mounted onto a CBO designed and made galvanised steel beam Skid platform that has been designed and built to withstand the toughest Australian environments.

The mast on The Edge – 33m Communications Skid can fit multiple pieces of hardware from communications equipment such as microwave links, Tetra or P25 radio equipment to cameras and sirens.

This mobile platform can be transported to site via a tilt-tray (minimum of 8.6 metres long) for easy deployment and it allows for rapid relocation without the need for excessive earthworks or specialised equipment leaving little environmental impact.

The Edge – 33m Communications Skid has been designed to fit within road legal dimensions which negate any issues with oversize loads and escort vehicles as all required items for deployment are able to be stowed.

The Edge – 33m Communications Skid is a valuable asset to any organisation that requires connectivity for multiple projects in remote locations and provides a flexible communications platform you can tailor to your specific communications needs.


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