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Our Team

CBO’s team of talented professionals have the technical capabilities, experience and professionalism to help you manage any mobile communication platform project, big or small.

Our talented professionals assess our clients individual needs then design and manufacture mobile communications platforms to meet the clients requirements.

We have exceptional relationships with some of the world’s leading companies, to give you confidence and reassurance in our capabilities.

Coming Together Initiative

The Coming Together Initiative is a program run internally by CBO employees. It is a program of events which are based around raising community and personal awareness as we work together in building the CBO community within.

The program includes events which are:

  • Beneficial to the community by fundraising or raising awareness of key issues
  • Beneficial to our employees through education, active wellness and awareness of key health and wellness issues
  • Non-compulsory yet inclusive of all
  • Fun and provide avenues of stress release and motivation
  • Educational
  • Promoting active wellness
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