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Tower Communication Skid

The Edge – Mobile 33m Tower Communications Skid

The Edge – 33m Tower Communications Skid is a standalone communications platform ideal for exploration, oil and gas and civil construction projects where the cost of building fixed infrastructure is prohibitive for the often short time required on remote sites.  The Skid has minimal impact on the environment as the platform requires no earthworks for installation and relocation.

The Edge – 33m Tower Communications Skid features an Integrated Tower Systems (ITS)  telescopic tri-truss tower mast that is erected by hydraulic ram then raised to its full height by a 240V electric operation and when fully deployed the mast is 33m (100 feet).  The mast is mounted onto a CBO designed and made galvanised steel beam Skid platform that has been designed and built to withstand the toughest Australian environments.  The solid design means that the Skid requires minimal maintenance.

The mast on The Edge – 33m Tower Communications Skid can fit multiple pieces of hardware from communications equipment such as microwave links, Tetra or P25 radio equipment to cameras and sirens.

The mechanical design includes:

  • Earthing point
  • Manually operated hinged out riggers with adjustable levelling legs
  • Multiple guy points
  • Cable management and standard mounting points

The Edge – 33m Communication Skid is a valuable asset to any organisation that requires connectivity for multiple projects in remote locations and provides a flexible communications platform you can tailor to your specific communications needs.


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